Language Arts

Daily reading and review of material taught in class.

"Sorry, Wrong Number" TEST TUESDAY 3/20/18

C.S.Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe must be brought to class daily.

Complete the reading of "Sorry Wrong Number" for tomorrow 2/28/18.

Chapters 1 -4: C.S.Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to be read by Friday 3/2/18.

 "Sorry, Wrong Number" - test date to be announced.
Analyzing the Text questions, page 127,  due Thursday 3/1/18.

Chapter 11 Review - "Pronouns" pages 444 448 due Wednesday February 21, 2018.
Test on Chapter 11 - "Pronouns" Friday February 23,2018.

C.S.Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe due in class February 26.2018.  

Exercises 6, 7 &8  Pages 436 & 438 in Writer's Choice due tomorrow.  (Complete at home if you did not finish in class.)

Questions:  "Analyzing  the Text" for "The Song of Wandering Aengus" page 73 due tomorrow,2/7/18.

Test Date Changed 2/13/18 - "The Song of Wandering Aengus" and Shakespeare's Sonnet 43.

7A& 7B  Test Friday on Irregular Verbs 1/19/18
               Chapter10  Review on Verbs due Tuesday1/23/18
               Chapter 10 Test on Verbs Wednesday 1/24/18
               *Grammar Notebooks due Wednesday 1/24/18 

7A & 7B - Test Friday 1/12/18 on Magic and the Brain.

C.S.Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe due in class February 26.2018.  

7A & 7B:

E.L.A. Unit Test Part 1 - Thursday 12/14/17

E.L.A.Unit Test Part 2 - Friday 12/15/17

*Note that the Unit Test is one test that will be given in two parts.  Questions 1-20 will be taken on Thursday and 21-44 on Friday.  The readings are ones that you  have not read before: the purpose is to evaluate your knowledge of skills taught in the first unit.

Comprehension of a Myth, Poetry and use of Literary devices, Comprehension of Informational Test, Vocabulary in context, and Language Skills.  (Review and notes given on 12/8/17,12/11/17 & 12/12/17)

Grade 8:

Complete handout on plagarism for tomorrow:  Due date 11/14/17

Bring in a short children's story for Wed.11/8/17
"Tell Tale Heart" test Thursday 11/9/17

8A - "Analyzing The Text for " Tell Tale Hear"t due Tues. 11/7/17
8B - "Analyzing The Text" for " Tell Tale Heart" due Wed. 11/8/17

10 Sentence diagrams due next Lab class. (Verbs)

Bring in information on WWII from one primary source Tuesday 11/14/17. 

Grade 7:

Complete the questions on the blackboard for "Women in Aviation" and the vocabulary for "Women in Aviation"
Test Friday 11/17/17 -  "Women in Aviation" :

Completion of "Analyzing the Text" p42 due Tues.  11/7/17
Test on "Icarus's Flight" - Friday 11/10/17

Dramatic Reading - Monday 10/30/17

      8A - Chapter 9 "Nouns" Test - 10/31/17
      8B - Chapter 9 "Nouns" Test - 11/1/17

      8A & 8B - Test "My Favorite Chaperone" and :Bonnee Annee" - Thursday 11/2/17

Grade 7

     Test  - "Rouge Wave" and "The Flight of Icarus" - Tues.10/31/17
     Test - Chapter 9 Nouns - Thurs.11/2/17

Grade 8:

10/24/17 Complete classwork assignment:

       1. List the use of repetition in Lines 24 - 44.
       2. Note all vocabulary terms in notebook:  Academic vocabulary, footnote vocabulary and side note vocabulary.
       3.  Short answer response: How does the psychology of the narrator affect the description of events?
Grade 8:
October 17, 2017
Questions 4 - 8 for Night:
4. What town do Eliezer and his family come from?
5. What specifically does Eliezer recruit Moshe the Beadle to teach him?
6. What is Eliezer’s oldest sister’s name?
7. Upon his return to the village, what does Moshe the Beadle try to do?
8. After being evacuated from their original homes, where are the Jews of Sighet first sent?
Grade 7:
Test Friday 10/20/17 Chapter 8 Writer's Choice: Subjects, Predicates, Simple Sentences and Compound Sentences. 
Grade 7 - 10/9/17   Complete the "Analyze" and "Theme" questions on page 35.
10/9/17 - Grade 8 - Complete assigned questions for "Bonne Annee"
Monday 9/25/17
Grade 8:  Complete Text page 29 "Critical Vocabulary" and "Vocabulary Strategy".
Grade 7:  Complete Text page 17 "Critical Vocabulary" and "Vocabulary Strategy".

Grade 7
Test on Tuck Everlasting - Thursday 9/21/17

Grade 8
Test on To Kill a Mockingbird - Thursday 9/21/17

October 2, 2017

posted Oct 10, 2017, 11:11 AM by James Falletti

Grade 7
October 2, 2017 - Review prepositions and compound sentence parts daily.

Grade 8
October 2, 2017 - Review the mood of a verb.

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