Daily reading and review of material taught in class.

Test Tuesday 2/12/19  on "Mississippi Solo; pp137 - 142.   All exercises to be completed by Monday 2/11/19.

Due Monday 1/28/19 - Bring in a quotation from either Scripture or a credible source that relates to you.   We will be learning / practicing our cursive writing skills this week. 

Also needed for our Lab this week is a ruler and a pencil.  If you would like to use specific markers, special paper, or decorations for your project (Cursive Writing of the Quotation you selected), please bring them in when you have your Lab. ( Please note that I do have construction paper for your use.)

Chapter 11 Grammar Review 1 - 4 due Wed.1/23/19; Chapter 11 Grammar Review Ex.5 - 8 due Thursday 1/24/19.

Pronoun Test (Chapter 11) Friday, January 25, 2019.

A copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  by C.S. Lewis is due in class by Monday January 28, 2019.  
(If you enjoy the style of writing by C.S.Lewis, you might consider obtaining The Chronicles of Narnia.  Note: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the second book in C. S. Lewis's classic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia.)

Classwork/Homework - Group Hard Copy Report of the Plot of " Arachne" due January 9, 2019.
Oral "Panel Discussion" January 9, 2019 start date for "Arachne" due January 9, 2019.   Index cards, prompts, and visuals may be used during the discussion.  (Reports of the Plot are to be handed in before the discussions begin and are not to be read during the presentations.) 

(All Chapter 10 ex. should be completed by Friday 12/14/18 that have not been completed in class.) 
Review ex.1 - 6, Chapter 10 Verbs due Wed.12/12/18
Review ex. 7 - 11, Chapter 10 Verbs due Thursday 12/13/18
Test Friday 12/14/18 Chapter 10 Verbs

Grammar Test:  Chapter 9, Nouns,  Tuesday, November 20,2018


All exercises for The Flight of Icarus must be completed by Wednesday, October 10, 2018.
Test Thursday October, 11, 2018 - The Flight of Icarus

Review exercises for Grammar Chapter 8 must be completed by Thursday, October 11, 2018.
Test Friday October 12, 2018 - Chapter 8 Grammar

Test Friday September 28, 2018: "Rogue Wave".

Tuck Everlasting test Tuesday September 18, 2018.


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